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Luvchew® is made with less than 11 ingredients including real chicken & vegetables. It's also easily digestible with a unique formula patented in the United States. Most importantly, dogs love it and prefer its taste over other brands!

What makes LuvChew® different from Rawhide Chews?
Rawhide is typically produced using multiple chemicals that leave toxins that your dog then ingests. Also, it poses a choking hazard and can even create digestive distress and intestinal blockage. 

Luvchew® is made with natural ingredients, is easily digestible with a unique formula patented in the United States, and is preferred by 27.5 to 1 Dogs vs. Leading Brands!

What are the main ingredients? 
Real Chicken, Tapioca, Potato, Gelatin, Carrot, Parsley

 Which LuvChew® Size is best for my dog?

We recommend choosing a size that is slightly larger than your dog's mouth. As an approximation, please refer to the following:

  • Bone Size Dog Size
  • Mini 5 to 15 lbs.
  • Medium 15 to 50 lbs.
  • Large Over 50 lbs.

LuvChew® is not recommended for puppies. Speak with your veterinarian about when it's appropriate to introduce LuvChew® to your dog. 

Does my dog really need this?
While chewing has its physical benefits such as keeping teeth and gums clean and strong, chewing also promotes a dog's mental and emotional health. 

How often does my dog need to chew on a LuvChew®?

While every dog has different nutritional needs, it depends on on the breed, size and levels of activity. Generally, about one chew/day is typical. 

I'm a retailer/wholesaler/distributor. Do you have special prices if I buy in bulk?
Email us at [ ] for more information!